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Rebecca Jacobs

Rebecca Jacobs

Client Specialist

Rebecca joined the firm in 2017 as the branch operations assistant. After quickly displaying her commitment and eagerness to grow, she transitioned into the client assistant role and began working closely with The Angeletti Group and their valued clients. She brings a fresh perspective to the family dynamics we encounter every day and is dedicated to building and maintaining the best possible relationships.

Raised by divorced parents and spending the majority of her life with a single mother, Rebecca felt a special connection to The Angeletti Group and our specialty in providing advice before, during and after a divorce. While earning her bachelor’s degree in family and individual development at Northern Illinois University, she was highly involved in community outreach, serving as a member of Alpha Phi Omega and completing over four hundred hours of community service.

Rebecca was born in the South suburbs of Chicago and has lived in the Northern suburbs since the late 1990s. When she is not dedicating her time to her clients, she enjoys playing and hiking with her five-year-old Beagle, Kiko, as well as adventuring and laughing with her nephew, Shayne.